Trinity Highway Products, LLC (Formerly Syro Inc.)

Waste Permit

Trinity Highway Products LLC (Trinity) is a steel fabrication facility located 10 miles north of Salt Lake City in Centerville, Utah. Trinity fabricates and galvanizes steel products for highways and for other industries. The facility began operations in 1966 as Syro Steel Company, and was acquired by Trinity Industries in early 1992. During the early years of operation, RCRA regulated constituents were released into the environment from spent pickle liquor and management practices at the facility.

In December 1988, Syro (now Trinity) entered into a 3008-H Order with EPA and the State of Utah, which required that Syro conduct, an RCRA Facility Investigation, and a Corrective Measures Study. Soil and ground water data were collected during these investigations.

In August of 1996 Syro (now Trinity) completed the requirements of a 3008-H order when they submitted their final Corrective Measures Study. They subsequently entered into a Stipulated Consent Agreement with the State Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control in December 1996 to continue with corrective action and long-term site management such as ground water monitoring.

Comments or Questions

If you have any question concerning the permitting or compliance of Trinity please contact Dale Urban ( at (385) 499-1103.

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