Aragonite Permit: Clean Harbors, LLC

Aragonite is a commercial waste incineration, transfer, and storage facility located in a remote area of Tooele County, Utah. It was formerly known as Safety-Kleen (Aragonite) Inc., Laidlaw Environmental Services (Aragonite), Inc. and Aptus, Inc. The incinerator is a 140 million BTU slagging rotary kiln with a vertical afterburner chamber. The gas cleaning train consists of a spray dryer, baghouse, saturator, and wet scrubber. Permitted waste storage areas include a bulk liquid tank farm (sixteen ~30,000 gallon tanks); container storage areas (~12,000 55-gallon drum capacity); direct burn tanker storage areas (~30,000 gallons total capacity); sludge storage tanks (~38,000 gallon total capacity); and bulk solids storage tanks (~1100 yd3 total capacity).

The wastes that are handled at the facility include hazardous wastes, PCBs, industrial wastes, and other non-hazardous wastes. The facility is designed to handle high and low BTU liquid wastes, sludges, bulk solids, compressed gas cylinders and containerized wastes.

The current permitted capacity of the incinerator is approximately 13 tons per hour. It typically processes about 50,000 tons per year. Operations occur 24 hours a day. There are approximately 120 employees at the site.

The Permit on-line not official copy (please contact DSHW for updated permit information) was reissued by the Director of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control on September 28, 2012. Original construction of the facility was completed on July 8, 1991. The shakedown period began on December 19, 1991 and ended on March 10, 1992. The trial burn period began March 10, 1992 and ended May 11, 1992. The post-trial burn period began on May 12, 1992 and ended December 31, 1993. Aragonite is currently operating in the final operation period of the Permit.

The facility is located 2.5 miles south of Interstate 80 at the Aragonite exit (Exit #56). The nearest residential area is Grantsville, about 34 miles from Aragonite. The nearest single dwelling is at Delle, approximately 16 miles to the east of Aragonite. The site is arid to semi-arid with an annual precipitation of 6 to 12 inches.

The Compliance History for Clean Harbors Aragonite lists the violations identified during inspections and the resolution reached.

Clean Harbors Aragonite, LLC phone number is (435) 884-8100.


For more information about Clean Harbors Aragonite Permit, please contact either Gabrielle Marinick ( (385) 499-0172 or Boyd Swenson ( (801) 536-0200.

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