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Rio Algom Mining LLC

2016 Public Notices: Waste Management

Rio Algom LLC: Public Notice, Renewal of 11e.(2) By Product License UT1900481, Rio Algom, Lisbon Valley

Current Activities

Rio Algom Mining LLC has a current RML for a former uranium milling facility in the Lisbon Valley, San Juan County, Utah. The License includes groundwater monitoring requirements and concentration limits which are based on previous modeling approvals of an Application for Alternate Concentration Limits (ACLs), approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) per a May 11, 2004 License Amendment 66 (Source Materials License SUA-1119). The state of Utah obtained primacy to administer the Uranium Mill program in Utah from the NRC in August 2004, and the DRC included the conditions previously approved by the NRC in the License. Based on DRC concerns regarding the ACL concentrations, the ground water monitoring compliance requirements and compliance limits were revised and included in an amendment of the License on March 6, 2006 (Amendment 2). All changes to the concentration limits were based on ground water concentration break through curves (groundwater model) included in the Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Plan (LTGMP).

Compliance History

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