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Clean Harbors Clive, LLC

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC is a subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc. and is located in Tooele County approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, three and one-half miles south of Exit 49 on I-80. The facility was known as the USPCI Clive Incineration facility when originally permitted in 1991. USPCI was later acquired by Laidlaw Environmental Services, which later merged with Safety-Kleen Corporation. The Safety-Kleen Clive facility was part of a purchase by Clean Harbors in 2002. The current permit on-line not official copy for the facility was issued on September 30, 2005.

The Clive facility operations originally included hazardous waste incineration, containerized waste processing including shredding, and storage in tanks, but those facilities and operations, along with part of the originally permitted container storage areas have been closed. Current operations at the Clive facility are limited to receipt of hazardous waste by truck and rail, transfer of waste between containers, addition of absorbent material to waste in containers and storage of containerized waste prior to shipment off-site to the Clean Harbors’ Grassy Mountain or Aragonite facilities or to an alternate off-site facility. No treatment occurs at the Clive facility and all wastes brought into the facility are ultimately shipped off-site for treatment or disposal.

Currently there are four permitted container storage areas at the facility. The Thaw Unit, Unit 105 has a capacity to store 60,000 gallons of waste and is designed to accommodate bulk loads, arriving by either rail or road which may require warming to facilitate sampling or management. The building is also used to transfer waste received in roll- offs to smaller containers (e.g., 55 gallon drums) and to store large and small containers of waste . The Containerized Bulk Solids Storage Unit, Unit 106 has a current capacity of 630,240 gallons in what is designated as subunit 1. Subunit 1 is further divided into an enclosed and unenclosed portion. Large and smaller containers (e.g., 55 gallon drums) of waste are handled and stored in Unit 106, prior to transfer for management at other on-site units or shipment off-site for treatment or disposal. The Rail/Truck Transfer Bay, Unit 535, has a current storage capacity of 23,560 gallons and is used to transfer wastes from rail tankers to trucks. The Truck Wash Bay, Unit 604, is used for transferring waste between containers and for the storage of containers prior to being transferred and leaking containers being prepared for shipment off-site. The permitted storage capacity of the Truck Wash Bay is four 30 yd 3 roll-off boxes.

The Compliance History (21 KB) for Clean Harbors Clive, LLC lists the violations identified during inspections and the resolution reached.

The Clean Harbors Clive LLC is permitted to store hazardous waste in: the Container Management Building, the Bulk Solid Container Storage Area (Unit 106), and in the Thaw Shed. These storage operations are functioning in the capacity of aiding the operations at the Clean Harbors Aragonite, LLC. facility.

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning the permitting or compliance of the Clean Harbors Clive, LLC facility, please contact either Kari Lundeen or Boyd Swenson (801) 536-0200.