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Clean Harbors Clive, LLC

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC is a subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc. and is in Tooele County. The facility is approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, three and one-half miles south of Exit 49 on I-80. The facility was known as the USPCI Clive Incineration facility when originally permitted in 1991. USPCI was later acquired by Laidlaw Environmental Services, which later merged with Safety-Kleen Corporation. The Safety-Kleen Clive facility was part of a purchase by Clean Harbors in 2002. The current permit for the facility was issued on September 30, 2005.

The Clive facility operations originally included hazardous waste incineration, containerized waste processing, shredding, container storage, and storage in tanks. Those facilities and operations have been closed.

Current operations at the Clive facility include storage or transfer of hazardous waste prior to shipping it off-site for treatment and/or disposal. Management of waste at the Clive facility can include receipt of hazardous waste by truck and rail, transfer of waste between containers, addition of absorbent material to waste in containers, storage of containerized waste, and/or recycling of fluorescent lamps.

Currently, there are six permitted hazardous waste container storage areas at the facility (described in detail in Module 3): the Drum Transfer Facility and Docks (Unit 101), the Warehouse Building (Unit 102), the Thaw Unit (Unit 105), the Containerized Bulk Solids Storage Unit (Unit 106 Subunits 1 – 3), the Rail/Truck Transfer Bay (within Unit 535), and the Truck Wash Bay (within Unit 604).

Comments or Questions

If you have any questions concerning the permitting or compliance of the Clean Harbors Clive, LLC facility, please contact either Kari Lundeen (klundeen@utah.gov) or Boyd Swenson (bswenson@utah.gov) (801) 536-0200.

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