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Become a Radon Certified Mitigator in Utah

Step 1

In order to become a Certified Radon Mitigator in Utah one must hold a contractor’s license to install a radon mitigation system. Several contractor license classifications can do this within the scope of their license – if they have the required radon mitigation certification.

Those classifications are:

  • B100 – General Building Contractor
  • R100 – Residential /Small Commercial Building Contractor
  • S200 – General Electrical Contractor
  • S210 – General Plumbing Contractor
  • S350 – HVAC Contractor
  • S354 – Radon Mitigation Contractor

Registration as a handyman does NOT permit installation of radon mitigation. Installing contractors must be licensed with the state.

Please note to contract without a license in the state of Utah is punishable criminally as a Class A Misdemeanor (up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500.00 fine per occurrence) and/or administratively with fine(s) and Cease & Desist Order(s). Administrative fines can be up to $1,000.00 for the first occurrence, $2,000.00 for a second offense, and $2,000.00 per day for subsequent offenses. So please get a license before you start advertising or contracting any work requiring contractor licensure.

To learn more about Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) requirements – review our website  for more information including application for licensure and access to the state laws and rules governing construction contracting.

If you have questions or need additional information regarding licensing, you can contact licensing personnel by telephone directly at (801) 530-6396.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to verify current laws and rules before engaging in a business. As laws and rules can and do change.

Step 2

Once you have a contractor’s license your next step is to become certified with AARST/NRPP as a certified Radon Mitigator. You can attend a class through Kansas State University.

You can also take the course online.  The AARST/NRPP website can assist you with this certification.  The class is one week long.  The first two days are the Measurement part of the certification and the next three days focus on the mitigation section.  Exams are given for both sections.

Other websites are:

Become a Certified Radon Measurement Professional in Utah

Step 1

Home Inspectors:  A business license would be required to be a home inspector.  DOPL does not have jurisdiction over the licensing of home inspectors.

DOPL does license building inspectors that are typically employed by governmental agencies that have the authority to issue permits and enforce the building codes.

Step 2

Follow the above Step 2 under Radon Certified Mitigators.

Disclaimer: There has been some talk in recent years of the need to license the home inspectors as so many people have reportedly been ripped off or erroneously mislead by them. DOPL has not sought this licensing but some in the home inspection business have. Some consumers have as well especially those who have purchased homes etc. based on a home inspector’s report that did not inspect properly or disclose problems. These real estate pre-buy / sell home inspectors have no authority to issue permits, enforce codes or issue correction orders.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to verify current laws and rules before engaging in a business. As laws and rules can and do change.


Eleanor Divver (, Radon Coordinator: (801) 536-0091

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