Radon Educated Home Builders and Inspectors

The Division offers a free continuing education core credit course entitled, “Radon Resistant New Construction” to Utah home builders and inspectors. To sign up for the course, contact Radon Instructor Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov) (801) 536-0091.

The Division recognizes the home builders and building inspectors who have completed the “Radon Resistant New Construction” course (the icon House Icon indicates builders who are building radon resistant new homes):

Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) Educated Home Builders

Builder NameAffiliationPhone Number
Martin, Boyd (MDRelei@drhorton.com)D R Horton(801) 571-7101
West, Bill (bill@knightwest.com)Knight West Construction, Inc.(801) 785-8025


Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov), Radon Coordinator: (801) 536-0091

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