Radon Educated Home Builders and Inspectors

Installation of Radon Control Systems During New Home Construction

Install Radon Video

The Division offers a free continuing education core credit course entitled, “Radon Resistant New Construction” to Utah home builders and inspectors. To sign up for the course, contact Radon Instructor Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov) (801) 536-0091.

The Division recognizes the home builders and building inspectors who have completed the “Radon Resistant New Construction” course (the icon indicates builders who are building radon resistant new homes):

Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) Educated Home Builders

Builder Name Affiliation Phone Number
Martin, Boyd (MDRelei@drhorton.com) D R Horton (801) 571-7101
West, Bill (bill@knightwest.com) Knight West Construction, Inc. (801) 785-8025


Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov), Radon Coordinator: (801) 536-0091