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Public Notices

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2019 Public Notice

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC Used Oil Transfer Facility Permit Modification

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC, Used Oil Transfer Facility Permit Modification, UTD982595795

Clean Harbors Aragonite, LLC, UTD 981552177

2018 Public Notice

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility:

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility:

Draft Permit

  1. Draft Modules I through X (646.47 KB)
  2. Draft Attachment II-7 Closure Post-Closure Plan (835.82 KB)
  3. Draft Attachment II-7 Closure Plan Tables (618.38 KB)
  4. Draft Attachment VI-2 Appendix A CQA Plan (1.52 MB)
  5. Draft Attachment VI-4 Stormwater (5.20 MB)
  6. Draft Attachment X-7 Inspection Forms (101.75 KB)
  7. Landfill Design Engineering Report (76.33 MB)
  8. Surface Impoundment Design Engineering Report (41.14 MB)

2017 Public Notice

Clean Harbors Aragonite: Trial Burn Class 3 Modification Request

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain Facility: Site Specific Treatment Variance

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC: Hazardous Waste Permit Reissuance

  • Public Notice
  • Fact Sheet
  • Draft Permit
  • Comments: July 27, 2017 through September 11, 2017
  • Email Comments: (See Public Notice for submission details.)
  • Public Meeting:
  • August 29, 2017, 6:00 pm
  • Tooele County Building
    47 South Main Street
    Tooele, Utah
  • Contact (Email): Ed Costomiris
  • Type: Hazardous Waste Permit Reissuance

Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc.: Used Oil Transporter Permit

Clean Harbors, Aragonite, LLC: Class 2 modification to Module 3 of the RCRA Part B Permit

2016 Public Notice

Clean Harbors, Grassy Mountian LLC, UTD991301748: Used Oil Processor Permit

2015 Public Notice

Clean Harbors, Aragonite, LLC, UTD981552177: Temporary Authorization and Class 2 Modification

Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain: Request for a Treatment Variance for a High Mercury Waste Stream with Waste Code D009, UTD991301748