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Air Quality Oil and Gas Registration (PBR) and Emissions Reporting System

Oil and gas sources operating on lands under state jurisdiction within the State of Utah are required to register once with the Utah Division of Air Quality in accordance with R307-505.

Oil and gas inventory is emissions at facilities that have uncontrolled actual emissions greater than one ton per year for any single pollutant. Emission inventories may be required every year or triannually in accordance with R307-150.

Permit by Rule (PBR) registration process

To increase transparency to the public and business, we have streamlined the registration process previously known as CAERS.

Emissions inventory workbook process

For the calendar year 2024, oil and gas emissions inventory workbook submissions will be uploaded through an updated process.

  • Download the Excel workbook from the PBR website using the download button
  • Fill it out using Excel
  • Upload it via the PBR website using the upload button


What is the Permit By Rule (PBR)?

Oil and gas sources make up a significant portion of the emissions inventory in Utah. A majority of these sources are either minor sources, or exempt small sources, under Utah State Rules. To provide an efficient permitting process to permitting these source classifications and gather needed information DAQ has instituted rules and amendments to regulate oil and gas sources. The requirements outlined in these rules are referred to as permit by rule (PBR).

What rules apply to the PBR?

R307-401, R307-504, R307-505, R307-506, R307-507, R307-508, R307-509, R307-510, R307-511

How do I know if the PBR applies to me?

Operators can examine the rules and PBR eligibility flowchart to determine their eligibility for the PBR.

If I registered in CAERS, how do I know if it is in the new system?

View all registrations on the PBR website here.

If I revoke an AO to convert to PBR, will there be a fee?

Yes, a permit revocation fee will apply.

What fees are associated with registration?

The current filing fee for a controlled site is $500 and the filing fee for an uncontrolled site is $250.

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