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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Awards

State of Utah VW Settlement Awards
Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment Category

AwardeeAward AmountElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment TypeNumber of EVSE AwardedLocation of VW-Funded EVSE
Clinton City (9 MB)$60,129Level 23 Dual-portLocation 1–Civic Center Park
Location 2–Center Park
Location 3–Powerline Park
Davis Technical College (5 MB)$49,000Level 23 Dual-port and 1 Single-portDavis Applied Technical College Campus
Utah Division of Facilities and Construction Management (6 MB)$49,401Level 211 Dual-portLocation 1–Multi State Agency Office Building
Location 2–Regional Building 2
Kamas City$41,227Level 21 Dual-portCity Office
Kaysville City (22 MB)$69,988Level 29 Dual-portLocation 1–City Hall
Location 2–100 E. 200 N. Kaysville, UT
Location 3–300 North Flint St., Kaysville, UT
Location 4–Kaysville Operations Center
Lehi City (5 MB)$16,755Level 21 Dual-portCity Hall
Murray City Power$157,608Level 2

DC Fast Charger

2 Dual-port


Murray Park Recreation Center
Orem City (17 MB)$308,269DC

Fast Charger

4City Hall
Provo City$752,500Level 220 Dual-portLocation 1–Provo City Center
Location 2–Recreation Center (Parks & Rec)
Location 3–Academy Library
Location 4–Public Works Complex
Location 5–Provo Power Complex
Location 6–Rock Canyon Park
Location 7–North Park
Location 8–Spring Creek Park
Location 9–Pioneer Park
Salt Lake County Health Department (14 MB)$603,095Level 2

DC Fast Charger

8 Dual-port


The Salt Lake County Environmental Health Department
Sandy City (7 MB)$118,982DC Fast Charger3City Hall
Saratoga Springs (17 MB)$26,788Level 23 Dual-portMunicipal Campus
South Salt Lake City$136,517Level 24 Dual-portCity Hall
Timpanogos Cave National Monument$10,966Level 21 Dual-portTimpanogos Cave National Monument Visitor Center
Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)$949,672Level 2

DC Fast Charger

11 Dual-port


Location 1–Calvin Rampton (8 MB)
Location 2–Garden City
Location 3–Castle Dale City/Museum
Location 4–Monticello Vistor Center
Location 5–Bluff Maintenance Station
Location 6–Richfield Administrative Office
Location 7–Kanab
Location 8--Tie Fork Rest Area (4 MB)
Location 9--Grassy Mountain Rest Area West and East Bound (4 MB)
Location 10–Price Museum (5 MB)
Utah Valley University (12 MB)$99,000Level 26 Dual-portLocation 1–Orem Main Campus
Location 2–Lehi Campus
Location 3–Auxillary Service Building
Weber State University (4 MB)$143,694Level 24 Dual-portLocation 1–Campus Services Building
Location 2–Hurst Center
Location 3–Reed K. Swenson Building
Location 4–Dee Event Center
West Valley City$140,564Level 24 Dual-portLocation 1–City Hall
Location 2–West Valley City Fitness Center
Totals$3,832,106Level 2

DC Fast Charger

91 Dual-port and 1 Single-port


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