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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Awards

State of Utah VW Settlement Awards
Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment Category


Award Amount

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Type

Number of EVSE Awarded

Location of VW-Funded EVSE

Clinton City (9 MB) $60,129 Level 2 3 Location 1–Civic Center Park
Location 2–Center Park
Location 3–Powerline Park
Davis Technical College (5 MB) $49,000 Level 2 4 Davis Applied Technical College Campus
Utah Division of Facilities and Construction Management (6 MB) $49,401 Level 2 11 Location 1–Multi State Agency Office Building
Location 2–Regional Building 2
Kamas City $41,227 Level 2 1 City Office
Kaysville City $69,988 Level 2 9 Location 1–City Hall
Location 2–100 E. 200 N. Kaysville, UT
Location 3–300 North Flint St., Kaysville, UT
Location 4–Kaysville Operations Center
Lehi City (5 MB) $16,755 Level 2 1 City Hall
Murray City Power $157,608 Level 2

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Murray Park Recreation Center
Orem City (17 MB) $308,269 DC

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4 City Hall
Provo City $752,500 Level 2 20 Location 1–Provo City Center
Location 2–Recreation Center (Parks & Rec)
Location 3–Academy Library
Location 4–Public Works Complex
Location 5–Provo Power Complex
Location 6–Rock Canyon Park
Location 7–North Park
Location 8–Spring Creek Park
Location 9–Pioneer Park
Salt Lake County Health Department $603,095 Level 2

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The Salt Lake County Environmental Health Department
Sandy City (7 MB) $118,982 DC Fast Charger 3 City Hall
Saratoga Springs (17 MB) $26,788 Level 2 3 Municipal Campus
South Salt Lake City $136,517 Level 2 4 City Hall
Timpanogos Cave National Monument $10,966 Level 2 1 Timpanogos Cave National Monument Visitor Center
Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) $949,672 Level 2

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Location 1–Calvin Rampton (8 MB)
Location 2–Garden City
Location 3–Castle Dale City/Museum
Location 4–Monticello Vistor Center
Location 5–Bluff Maintenance Station
Location 6–Richfield Administrative Office
Location 7–Kanab
Location 8--Tie Fork Rest Area (4 MB)
Location 9--Grassy Mountain Rest Area West and East Bound (4 MB)
Location 10–UDOT Price District Office
Location 11–Price Museum (5 MB)
Utah Valley University $99,000 Level 2 6 Location 1–Orem Main Campus
Location 2–Business Resource Building
Location 3–Auxillary Service Building
Weber State University $143,694 Level 2 8 Location 1–Campus Services Building
Location 2–Hurst Center
Location 3–Reed K. Swenson Building
Location 4–Dee Event Center
West Valley City $140,564 Level 2 4 Location 1–City Hall
Location 2–West Valley City Fitness Center
Totals $3,832,106 Level 2

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