2020:Statewide Emissions Inventories

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The annual emissions inventory is one means used by the state to assess the level of pollutants released into the air from various sources.

Inventory Data

The data posted on this site will include only the latest version of the 2020 Emissions Inventory. This webpage should not be used as a reference for past versions of the Inventory and users wanting a record of data used in their analysis should archive and document those inventories to meet their own archival needs. Users should not assume that the data posted on this site will stay the same as the data they use at any given point in time.


  • 2020 Emissions data provided in tons/year 
    This data is provided as a basic informational resource for the general public. Data use, adjustments, summations, and inferences are the responsibility of the receiving organization and should not be portrayed to represent the Division of Air Quality. Also, the 2020 data will reflect emissions during the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and users should assess how representative this data is for Utah. Please contact us (airinventory@utah.gov) with any questions regarding the data.



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