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Emissions Inventory Submittals for Calendar Year 2017:
Statewide Emissions Inventory Program

The Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) has implemented an online, web-based method of emissions inventory submittals. The reporting will be done using an established software program, the web-based State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS), and a secure, private login account. The previously accepted paper forms, PDF files, spreadsheets, etc. are all replaced by SLEIS.

Facilities with the requirement to report their emissions inventory data for the 2017 calendar year, per UAC R307-150, will do so using SLEIS.

The reasons for this move, to a web-based software, are many:

  • The demand for emissions data is growing, and the time-frames for gathering and distributing that data are decreasing.
  • The software is designed specifically for State and Local governmental entities with a responsibility to collect emissions data from facilities and report to EPA.
  • The software is able to calculate emissions internally using AP-42, WebFIRE, stack test and CEM factors; as well as calculating mass balance, and accepting engineering judgment.
  • The software is designed to comply with Federal electronic submittal security requirements, and allows each facility to control their own data. UDAQ can make no changes to the submittals without a facility’s permission.

Staff is preparing to assist facilities as they adjust to this significant change to the reporting method.

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