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Statement from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Executive Director, Kim Shelley

“The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the lead agency for the Volkswagen (VW) Environmental Mitigation Trust from which the State of Utah is slated to receive over $35 million, has begun a careful assessment of the eligible mitigation actions to determine which projects will provide the most benefit to the State.

Much of the area along the Wasatch Front has been reclassified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from moderate to serious nonattainment for 24-hour particulate matter (PM) 2.5. This requires more robust efforts for the State to demonstrate attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Therefore, it is important that the use of this funding results in significant and measurable reductions of NOx emissions (precursor emissions to PM) and supports activities that will have long-term air quality benefits.

To ensure DEQ creates a plan that includes the most effective use of these funds, several factors will be considered, including recommendations from the VW Advisory Committee.

The VW Settlement provides a unique opportunity to reduce emissions from mobile sources by upgrading diesel fleets to the most stringent emissions standards. DEQ looks forward to working with fleet owners on projects that will improve air quality.”

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