R313-70-9 Other Fees for Services
Radioactive Material Fees

(1) Expedited application review. Applicable when, by mutual consent of the applicant and affected staff, an application request is taken out of date order and processed by staff during non work hours. Per Hour 90.00
(2) Review of plans for decommissioning, decontamination, reclamation, or site restoration activities Plan review plus hourly 400.00 +
Added cost above 8 hours, per hour 90.00
(3) Management and oversight of impounded radioactive material Actual Cost
(4) License amendment for Greater than 3 applications in a calendar year Amendment Fee 200.00
(5) Investigation of a misadministration, by a third party, as defined in R313-30-5 or in R313-32-2, as applicable Actual Cost
Generator Site Access Permits:
Non-Broker Generators transferring radioactive waste
Per Year 2,500
Waste Collectors or Processors (Brokers) Per Year 7,500
Charge for Late Payment of Fees, for all fees Per 30 Days Late 25.00
Special computer data requests Per Hour 70.00
Computer disks Per Disk 10.00

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