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Clean School Bus Program

A school bus and the words "Clean School Bus Program"

As early as April 2022, up to $1 billion will be available nationwide for the purchase of alternative fuel and electric school buses through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA may provide up to 100% of the cost for new replacement buses and charging or fueling infrastructure.

Sign-up for alerts at EPA.gov/CleanSchoolBus


Who is eligible?

State or Local Governmental Entities

That are responsible for:

  • Providing school bus service to one or more public school systems; or
  • Purchase of school buses.

Eligible Contractors

For profit, not-for-profit, or nonprofit entity that has the capacity to:

  • Sell clean school buses, zero-emission buses, charging or fueling infrastructure, or other equipment needed to charge, fuel, or maintain clean or zero-emission school buses; or
  • Arrange financing for such a sale

Nonprofit School Transportation Associations

Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Tribally-Controlled Schools

That are responsible for:

  • Providing school bus service to one or more Bureau-funded schools; or
  • Purchase of school buses.

What are the benefits of electric and alternative fuel school buses?

Reduce costs

  • Potential for reduced fuel costs compared to diesel
  • Less brake wear from regenerative braking
  • No engine or exhaust system maintenance

Quiet, clean operation

  • Reduce noise pollution and allow operators to better hear passengers and focus on the road

Zero or low tailpipe emissions

  • Reduces student and staff exposure to harmful pollution
  • Improves air quality

How do we prepare for the rebate program?

  • Sign-up for alerts at epa.gov/cleanschoolbus
  • Create your fleet inventory
  • Sign-up your organization on all required accounts
  • If you will be purchasing electric buses, contact your local utility to ensure electrification will work


Lisa Burr (lburr@utah.gov)
(385) 321-3819

Courtney Ehrlich (cehrlich@utah.gov)
(385) 232-5157

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