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May 4, 2022, Agenda: Air Quality Board Meeting

Meeting Materials

ADA Notice

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with special needs (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) should contact LeAnn Johnson (leannjohnson@utah.gov. ), Office of Human Resources at (385) 226-4881, Telecommunications Relay Service 711.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call-to-Order
  2. Date of the Next Air Quality Board Meeting: June 1, 2022
  3. Approval of the Minutes for the April 6, 2022, Board Meeting
  4. Five-Year Reviews:
    R307-105. General Requirements: Emergency Controls.
    R307-401. Permit: New and Modified Sources.
    R307-403. Permits: New and Modified Sources in Nonattainment Areas and Maintenance Areas.
    R307-406. Visibility.
    R307-410. Permits: Emissions Impact Analysis.
    R307-414. Permits: Fees for Approval Orders.
    R307-415. Permits: Operating Permit Requirements.
    R307-417. Permits: Acid Rain Sources.
    R307-420. Permits: Ozone Offset Requirements in Davis and Salt Lake Counties.
    R307-421. Permits: PM10 Offset Requirements in Salt Lake County and Utah County.
    R307-424. Permits: Mercury Requirements for Electric Generating Units.
    Presented by Bo Wood.
  5. Propose for Public Comment: Amend R307-401-14. Used Oil Fuel Burned for Energy Recovery. Presented by Bo Wood.
  6. Informational Items.
    1. Monitoring Ethylene Oxide Near Sterilization Facilities. Presented by Dr. Nancy Daher
    2. Air Toxics. Presented by Leonard Wright.
    3. Compliance. Presented by Harold Burge and Rik Ombach.
    4. Monitoring. Presented by Shauna Ward.
    5. Other Items to be Brought Before the Board.
    6. Board Meeting Follow-up Items

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