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Uinta Basin

Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) in collaboration with EPA and the Ute Tribe recently developed the Utah Air Agencies 2014 Oil and Gas Emissions Inventory. Additionally Bingham Research Center at Utah State University Uintah Basin (USU) recently completed a study looking at the VOC emissions associated with oil and gas waste water facilities. During this same period of time, DAQ’s air permitting section began completing the permitting process for oil and gas waste water facilities, as well as oil and gas landfill and landfarm facilities in the State. Combining the information from these three projects, it became evident that the Utah Air Agencies 2014 Emissions Inventory was missing wastewater and solid waste emission sources, and that this may be resulting in an exclusion of a large amount of VOC emissions from the inventory. As a result, DAQ began the process to incorporate these sources into the Utah Air Agencies 2014 Oil and Gas Emissions Inventory. DAQ is currently working with a technical group to determine the best way to account for these missing emissions in the inventory.

The links provided below will be updated as DAQ and collaborators make progress on this issue.

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