Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Engine Exchange
A Targeted Air Shed Grant Program

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, offers incentives for oil and gas producers to voluntarily take action to reduce emissions of NOx and VOCs, the precursors to ozone, to help with attainment of the ozone standard by 2023.

This program provides financial assistance for up to 40% off the cost to replace non-road, stationary, gas engines (engine model year 2008 or older) which support oil and gas production. New, replacement engines must meet the most recent new source performance standards required by Subpart JJJJ.

Projects will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, upon verification of eligibility, until funding runs out.

Criteria for Replacement Projects

Eligible Funding

  • Up to 40% off the cost to replace a qualifying natural gas engine

Eligible Equipment

  •  A natural gas engine that supports oil and gas production in the Uinta Basin
  • Engine model years 2008 and older
  • Engines within 25 and 100 horsepower range
  • Engines must be operable and operate a minimum of 500 hours in the Uinta Basin
  • Funding must be used to retire engines sooner than they are regularly scheduled
  • Engines must have a minimum of three years remaining in their useful life
  • Engines being replaced must be scrapped or permanently disabled within 90 days of being replaced by drilling a three-inch-by-three-inch hole in the engine block

      Replacement Engines

      • New engines must utilize the same fuel source and perform the same function and operation as the engine being replaced
      • New engines must be Subpart JJJJ compliant
      • New engines must remain in Uinta or Duchesne counties for a minimum of 5 years

      How to Apply

      The DEQ is currently accepting applications for:

      • Natural gas engine replacement projects; up to 40% for new natural gas engine ($5 million available)

      Email application and supplemental documents to ubenginegrant@utah.gov

      Application and Supplemental Documents

      1. Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Engine Exchange grant application (2 MB) with an authorized signature.
      2. A clear, legible photo of the full engine on site for each engine replacement
      3. A clear, legible photo of engine plates capturing engine make, model year, and serial number
      4. A clear, legible photo citing location information for each engine
      5. Fleet Description Form (358 KB) completely filled out for each engine
      6. Budget Form (included in grant application (2 MB)) completely filled out for each engine