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What to Expect at a Public Hearing:
Air Quality Laws and Rules

A public hearing may be held during a public comment period for changes to administrative rules. Either a Air Quality Board member or Utah Division of Air Quality staff member will act as the hearing officer. Copies of the rule proposal open for public comment are available at the hearing.

  • All individuals in attendance will sign a roster, and those wishing to make comments are asked to submit a form indicating their name and affiliation. The hearing officer will read a prepared statement describing the proposed rule, the date the comment period closes and the location comments are to be sent.
  • Elected officials are invited to comment first. Comments from the public are heard in the order in which request forms were submitted. If a large crowd is present, a time limit may be placed on oral comments. The hearing remains open for a minimum of one hour and until all who wish to comment have been heard. A staff member will be present to answer questions.
  • After all who wish to comment have done so, and if an hour has passed since the hearing opened, the hearing is adjourned. If an hour has not passed, the hearing officer recesses the hearing but remains in the hearing room. After the hour has passed, the hearing officer asks if anyone wishes to comment further. If not, the hearing is adjourned.
  • For an explanation of the rule process in general, visit the Rule Adoption Process.
  • Air Quality Rules Out for Public Comment

For more information or questions contact Becky Close (bclose@utah.gov), (801) 536-4013.

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