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50 Summer Suggestions Regarding Ozone

Drive Less

Driving less doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Try any of these ways to get to where you want to go:

  1. Carpool.
  2. Use mass transit.
  1. Walk.
  2. Ride a bike.
  3. Telecommute.
  4. Do your business by phone or over the Internet.
  5. Walk to lunch.
  6. Pack a lunch and eat in.
  7. Postpone errands that can wait if it’s a high pollution day.
  8. Combine your errands into one trip.
  9. Park in a central place and walk as much as you can.

Drive Smarter

Driving smarter keeps pollution at a minimum.

  1. Drive your newest car.
  2. Know before you go.Choose your route to avoid traffic tie-ups and other delays.
  3. Work a flexible schedule—commute during non-peak driving times.
  4. Keep your vehicle well-tuned.
  5. Replace your vehicle’s air filter on a regular basis.
  6. Keep your tires properly inflated.
  7. Check fluids regularly.
  8. Wait to gas up until early evening hours. Don’t top off your tank at the gas pump.
  9. Don’t idle.
  10. Avoid drive-through lanes.
  11. Accelerate gradually.
  12. Obey the speed limit.
  13. Use cruise control on the highway.
  14. When you buy a new car: Look for one that is fuel efficient and low polluting—or consider a zero polluting electric car.

At Home

  1. Buy less toxic or nontoxic materials.
  2. Avoid consumer spray products.
  3. Properly dispose of all hazardous household materials.
  4. Make your own cleaning product.
  5. Use water-based instead of oil-based paints.
  6. Keep all solvents and paints in airtight containers.
  7. Conserve energy.
  8. Purchase Energy Star products or other energy efficient appliances, home electronics, and lighting.
  9. Use a push mower.
  10. Rake or sweep leaves and other yard waste.
  11. Keep your gas-powered lawn and garden equipment well-tuned and use it only on low pollution days.
  12. Use a non-charcoal barbecue.
  13. Maintain your air conditioner or swamp cooler.

At Work

  1. Work a flex schedule.
  2. Telecommute one day a week.
  3. If you are an employer, implement a rideshare program for your employees.
  4. Keep your fleet vehicles well maintained.
  5. Take advantage of tax credits—buy alternative fueled vehicles.
  6. Purchase fuel-efficient vehicles.
  7. Conserve energy.
  8. Purchase Energy Star products or other energy efficient appliances, home electronics, and lighting.
  9. Buy less toxic or non-toxic materials.
  10. Wait to paint on low pollution days.
  11. Keep all solvents and paints in air tight containers.
  12. Adopt pollution prevention methods. They will not only prevent air pollution but will also result in savings for your company.

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