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Green Vehicle Guide: Clean Fuels Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Green Vehicle Guide to help you find information on vehicles that are more efficient and less polluting. Reducing vehicle emissions and increasing fuel economy helps the environment and cuts fuel costs.

Consider a SmartWay Vehicle

EPA rates each new car, truck, and SUV for greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions on scales of 1-10. To earn the SmartWay designation, a vehicle must receive a combined score from both scales that is much better than the average vehicle. SmartWay also provides an Elite certification for those vehicles that attain the highest scores on both scales and are the very best environmental performers.

The EPA makes it easy for you to search for SmartWay vehicles by model year, state, and vehicle class. A complete list of SmartWay vehicles by model year is also available.

Learn about the Types of Vehicles Available

Gasoline, hybrid, natural gas, or electric vehicle? The following infographic explains the differences.

Infographic: Vehicles on the road - did you know?

Learn about Fuel Economy and Emissions Ratings

In 2012, EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) overhauled vehicle labels to provide more information on fuel economy, fuel costs and savings, and emissions. You can make comparisons that help you save on fuel costs and reduce your emissions. Infograph available.

How Plug-In Vehicles Work

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