CARROT Program
(Clean Air Retrofit, Replacement, and Off-Road Technology)
A Voluntary Emissions-Reduction Program


State of Utah 2021 Lawn Mower Exchange

  • Rebates available to the first 2,500 who sign up.
  • Up to $300 rebate when you recycle your gas mower and purchase an electric one of your choice.
  • Up to $150 rebate on the purchase of any electric mower.
  • See if you qualify below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Ticket ID?

Your Ticket ID can be found in your original registration confirmation email sent on April 5.

Can I still sign up for the Lawn Mower Exchange?

No, the program is full.

There is no waiting list.

How can I get signed up for the next one?

Subscribe to our mailing list to hear about future events before they open.

Will there be another Exchange this year?

No. There is one event per year.

Do I have to buy new or can I buy used?

Please purchase a NEW electric mower, not one from KSL Classifieds, Marketplace, a friend, etc.

When will I get my rebate?

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your receipts to be viewed and approved. Please allow an additional 1-3 weeks for your rebate check to arrive in the mail.

I did not receive my follow-up email, am I approved?

All follow-up email was sent on April 6. Check your spam folder for Department of Environmental Quality, 2021 Lawn Mower Exchange, or

How can I schedule my curbside collection?

Call 2 Haul is not accepting more requests for mower collection. If, during registration, you indicated you would like a complimentary pick-up, please wait to be contacted by Call 2 Haul via email with an appointment time.

Who can I contact about my curbside collection?

(801) 535-6953

Where do I take my gas mower?

Use the map below to find the metal recycler nearest you. Metal recyclers which are not listed on this map CAN also be used.

Are trimmers and leaf blowers eligible?

No. Only lawn mowers are eligible.

Can I buy a battery-operated electric mower?


The metal recycler will give me a receipt?


What is the deadline for uploading my receipts?

June 18, 2021.

When is the best time to contact you?

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm.

What is the best way to contact you?

Do you qualify?

All participants must meet this criteria

  • Must be 18 years or older to participate
  • Only one rebate will be issued per household
  • Value of rebate will not exceed value of electric mower
  • Taxes and fees not included in rebate
  • Receipts must not predate 2/25/21
  • All participants must live in areas that regularly experience poor air quality as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. Qualifying counties in Utah:
    • Davis County
    • Salt Lake County Salt Lake City residents can get complimentary curbside mower collection. Details during registration.
    • Tooele County
    • Utah County
    • Weber County

How to sign up

Please read eligibility requirements before registering

Step 1

Meet eligibility requirements (see if you qualify above).

Step 2
Secure one of the 2,500 spots by registering on Monday, April 5th at noon. Registration takes place here on this page!
Step 3
Wait for an email confirming your participation. This email includes the receipt upload form.
Step 4
Purchase the electric lawn mower of your choice and hang onto the receipt.
Step 5
Empty oil and gas from your machine and properly dispose of it. Recycle your gas powered lawn mower at the recycler nearest you (use the map below). Or if you live in Salt Lake City, opt to have your mower picked up through the city’s Call 2 Haul program.
Step 6
Upload the receipts of purchase and recycling on the form from Step 3.
Step 7
Receive an email stating you have completed the process and your check is on the way. Allow 2-4 weeks from this date to receive your check in the mail.

Remove oil & gas
before recycling

Remember to remove oil and gas from the machine prior to recycling. Collection locations can be found on the map below.

Keep your receipts

Remember to keep your receipts! You are required to submit them during the rebate registration process.

Find the Metal Recycler and Oil and Gas Collection Locations Nearest You

Map of Past Equipment Exchanges

Approximate Locations of Lawn Mower, Trimmer, Snowblower Exchanges (Recent Years)

2019 Exchange: Survey Results

2019 Lawn Equipment Exchange: Survey Results

  • 1,259 mowers and 972 trimmers exchanged
  • Survey results based on 912 responses

2019 lawn mower equipment exchange survey results 1- Calculated by comparing a new, model-year 2019, passenger car on the road in Salt Lake County in 2019 to an average 4-stroke lawn mower.

CARROT Program

The CARROT Program was enacted in 2014 by the State Legislature for the DAQ to encourage fleet owners to reduce emissions from heavy-duty engines and non-road equipment. The Program assists the Division in carrying out its mission to protect public health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution from mobile sources. The CARROT Program provides incentives through grants, rebates, exchanges, and low-cost purchase programs.

Contact Information

Courtney Ehrlich ( Air Quality Policy Section
Division of Air Quality