Utah Clean Diesel Program

Utah Clean Diesel Program LogoThe Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, offers incentives for fleet owners to voluntarily reduce emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines through the Utah Clean Diesel Program. There are multiple funding opportunities available for certain eligible vehicles/equipment detailed below. Government and private fleet operators are encouraged to apply.

Eligible Vehicles and Equipment

On-Highway, Class 5-8 Diesel Vehicles, Engine Model Years 1996-2006

  • School, Shuttle, and Transit Buses
  • Medium-Heavy-Duty or Heavy-Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks

Nonroad Diesel Equipment

  • Unregulated to Tier 2+ Locomotives (switcher, line-haul, commuter rail)
  • <50 – 751+ horsepower Nonroad Engines or Equipment, engine model years 1986+ -used in:
    • Construction;
    • Handling of Cargo (including at a port or airport);
    • Agriculture;
    • Mining; or
    • Energy Production (including stationary generators and pumps).

Eligible Projects and Funding Percentages

Eligible Projects Funding
Vehicle or Equipment Replacements Up to 50%
Engine Replacements Up to 60%
Highway Idle-Reduction Technologies Up to 25% for long-haul trucks
Electrified Parking Spaces (Truck-Stop Electrification) Up to 30%
Locomotive Idle-Reduction Technologies Up to 40%
Low-Rolling Resistance Tires Up to 100%, if bundled with diesel retrofit
Aerodynamic Technologies and Verified Low-Rolling Resistance Tires Up to 100%, if bundled with a diesel retrofit
Diesel Retrofits (exhaust controls such as diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, etc.) Up to 100%

*Added incentive for all-electric vehicle and engine replacement projects and vehicle replacement projects for government fleets in Cache County

Available Funding Sources Project Type Amount of Funding Available
FY17 State Clean Diesel Program Diesel School Bus Replacements to All-Electric $348,414
FY18 State Clean Diesel Program  Diesel School Bus Replacements to All-Electric $412,515
FY18 National Clean Diesel Program Class 5-8 Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Replacements $2.4 million
FY17 Targeted Air Shed Grant for Cache County (vehicles/equipment must operate a minimum of 50% in Cache County) Class 5-8 Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Replacements for Cache County $3.2 million

Criteria for Replacement Projects

Vehicles must:

  • be within engine model years 1996-2006
  • operate a minimum of 50% in the following counties: Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Duchesne, Salt Lake, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, and Weber
  • be operable and have a minimum of three years remaining in its useful life
  • be permanently disabled after the new vehicle is placed into service
  • be replaced with vehicles/equipment that are within the same vehicle class or equipment horsepower and operate in the same function and areas as the vehicle being replaced

How to Apply

Email applications and supplemental documents to cleandiesel@utah.gov by February 28, 2019.

Required Submittals

Additional Information


Millions of dollars have been awarded, thousands of tons from diesel emissions and over a million gallons of diesel fuel have been reduced through the Utah Clean Diesel Program. See more details (18KB).

Verified Technologies

Information on eligible diesel retrofit, idle reduction, aerodynamic, or low-rolling resistance tire technologies.


Lisa Burr: (801) 536-4019
Courtney Ehrlich: (801) 536-4430