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Acknowledgements: Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

The content for the Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program Web pages and associated Handbook was prepared by many people and it is appropriate that they be given credit for their work. I will proceed in giving credit consistent with the order in which the Handbook is organized.

I acknowledge the work done by Steven Jones with Hansen Allen and Luce, consulting engineers for pioneering the use of extended time running of hydraulic models to identify pump and piping changes that would enable energy savings. I thank Frances Bernards, Environmental Scientist with the Department of Environmental Quality’s Business Assistance Program, for her work in researching and preparing case histories of the energy and cost savings for the three systems highlighted in Chapter 1. Ryan Taylor, with Epic Engineering, provided information on the approach to selecting a consulting engineer.

The funding incentives provided by the Drinking Water Board is a matter, as set forth in State Statute (19-4 UCA), that must be formally acted upon by the Board. At the Board’s August 27, 2014 meeting, Michael Grange, Construction Assistance Section Manager within the Division, provided well-reasoned options for the Board to consider. The options were further addressed in a work meeting of the Board held prior to their November 7, 2014 meeting. Board members Paul Hansen, Board Chair; Betty Naylor, Board Vice Chair; and members Brett Chynoweth, Tage Flint, Roger Fridal, Brad Johnson, David Sakrison, David Stevens, and Mark Stevens, provided valued direction to the Division.

Next I recognize Doug Evans, who prepared the entire contents of Chapter 2. The content of this chapter contains an extensive list of ideas that water systems can utilize to save money on their energy bills. Doug Evans has tried, with success, many of the ideas listed in the chapter for the benefit of the utility, Mountain Regional Water Special Service District (Summit County), he works for. It is important to note that the Water District’s energy savings reported in Chapter 1 does not state that Doug Evans’ work is complete. He has plans in the near term that he will pursue, which will increase the annual savings for his water system.

Chapter 3 of this document lists the funding opportunities provided by varies entities. As should be suspected, the individual sections were authored by representatives of these entities. Therefore I thank Michael Grange, who wrote the section dealing with the Drinking Water Board’s funding program; Jennifer Gardner, of the Utah Office of Energy Development, who wrote the section dealing with her office’s program; Mark Cram, with Siemens, an energy service company that is Certified by the State, who wrote the section dealing with Energy Service Companies; Martie Leo, and the Rocky Mountain Power External Communications Group, who wrote the section dealing with Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Program; and Johnathan Ward, Vice President with Zions Bank, who wrote the section dealing with bank financing.

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