Grout Sealing Witness

Per Rule R309-515-6(5)(b) the following individuals are authorized to witness the well sealing (grouting) of a public drinking water well:

  • Engineer or a geologist from the Division of Drinking Water.
  • District Engineer of the Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Authorized representative of the Division of Water Rights.
  • Individual having written authorization from the Division of Drinking Water Director.

Individuals who have written authorization to witness well sealing procedures:

Name & EmailCompanyPhone #
Jerry Bronicel ( Consulting(801) 207-7821
John (JB) Brown (, P.G., L.P.I.Loughlin Water Associates, LLC(435) 649-4005
Neil I. Burk, ( P.G.LRE Water(801) 541-4426
George Condrat (, P.E., P.G.Loughlin Water Associates, LLC(435) 649-4005
Scott Hacking ( 559-3825
Scott Greenhalgh, (, P.G.Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc.(801) 995-0324
Chris Mikell (, P.G.Bowen Collins & Associates(801) 495-2224
Brandon R. Nielsen (, P.E.JUB Engineers, Inc.(801) 547-0393
Mark E. Chandler, ( P.E.. P.G.CRS Engineers – Caldwell Richards Sorensen(801) 359-5565