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Online Exam: Drinking Water Operator Certification

Schedule an Online Exam

Go to RWAU.net’s Online Exam’s page to schedule an online exam. You will need to fill out their application and pay the $100 to them. Do not pay the Division for your online exam.

We have partnered with the Rural Water Association of Utah to offer convenient online exams to those who would like to become Certified Water Operators in Utah but cannot make it to our conference exams.

Flexible Schedule

RWAU proctors can meet you in your county, making it easier to schedule a time that works for you. You can also go to their offices in Alpine to take the exam.

Immediate Results and Temporary Certificate Upon Passing

You can see your results immediately, instead of waiting for them via the mail after a written exam or conference exam. If you pass, you get a temporary certificate immediately as well, and your permanent certificate will be mailed to you by us (DDW) later.

About the Exam

  • 3-hour timed test
  • 100 randomly selected questions
  • 70% or better to pass
  • Minimum of 30 days required to retake the same exam level and discipline (treatment or distribution)
  • Bring a photo ID, a calculator, some blank paper, and a pencil
  • The computer will be provided

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