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Appendices: Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

The Appendices list helpful websites that relate to energy efficiency and/or funding opportunities.

Appendix A
Case Histories of Water Systems Taking Advantage of Energy Cost Savings

Appendix B
Drinking Water Board’s Financing Program

  • Loan Program Introduction
    Lists State agencies involved in funding drinking water projects.
  • SRF Schedule
    The SRF schedule for Drinking Water Board meetings.
  • Utah SRF Application
    The application form for the Drinking Water Board’s financial assistance program.

Appendix C
Utah Office of Energy Development’s U-Save Program

Appendix D
Energy Service Companies

Appendix E
Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Program

Appendix F
Websites that Provide Guidance on Performing Energy Audits

Appendix G
Additional Helpful Websites