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Corrective Action Plan (CAP): Drinking Water

A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is a type of enforcement agreement between a water system and the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) to correct deficiencies found within a water system due to a Sanitary Survey, Site Visit, or a Level 2 Assessment. This plan is to help ensure that a water system has time to correct the deficiencies, and it prevents the water system from getting additional IPS Points for the identified deficiency.

System Qualifications

The system must request a CAP from the Division of Drinking Water BEFORE a violation occurs from a significant deficiency. Deficiencies must be corrected within a 12-month period. In a Corrective Action Plan, the system suggests the date/time frame in which they hope to correct the deficiency. As long as that is within a 12-month period, the Division will work with the system on the suggested completion date.

CAP Request

Use your current IPS Report to fill out the “Request a Corrective Action Plan” form.

The Division will be notified, start the agreement, and contact you.

Obtain a copy of your Water System’s current IPS Report.

  1. Enter your Water System
  2. Click “IPS” under Water System Reports
  3. Click “Print Report” at the bottom of the page

Corrective Action Timeline

The Water System will request a CAP, and the Division will create the agreement.

The Division will then send the agreement to the Water System. Please review and sign the agreement digitally or physically, then send the signed document back to the Division’s enforcement staff. (If the Water System does not agree to the terms, contact the Division’s enforcement staff to renegotiate. This restarts the process.)

Once the CAP is received and is signed by the Water System, the Division Rules Section Manager will review and sign the agreement. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, each party will receive a signed copy, and the Compliance/Enforcement path begins.

Once the deficiencies are corrected, the Water System must notify the determined engineer and enforcement employee at the Division. Photographic proof of the correction may be necessary to provide on or before the agreed deficiency completion date.

Failure to notify the Division by the agreed date may void the CAP, and the Water System will be required to enter into another form of enforcement at the Division.

For more information or to answer questions please contact: Brandi Smith (385) 515-1650

Note: This is a brief overview of the rule and does not serve as a substitute for actual rule language

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