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Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart® Program: Funding Opportunities

Rocky Mountain Power offers a variety of ways to assist customers in maximizing the efficient utilization of electricity. Customer participation is voluntary and is initiated by following the participation procedures on the wattsmart® Business Section of the Rocky Mountain Power Website.

The wattsmart® Business Program offers a variety of services and cash incentives to encourage Rocky Mountain Power commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers to build energy efficiency into their businesses. Retrofit and new construction projects can receive cash incentives for the implementation of approved energy efficiency measures. Typical upgrades, common in most buildings or businesses, have a pre-determined incentive value and can be found on Rocky Mountain Power’s Typical Upgrades and Incentives Lists Webpage.

Custom projects, such as those associated with water systems, are outside the scope of typical upgrades on the incentive lists. Rocky Mountain Power customers can benefit from the technical expertise of energy experts who will evaluate electric energy-saving options and estimate savings. Incentives for custom projects are $0.15 per annual kilowatt-hour savings, not to exceed 70% of eligible project costs for projects that meet simple payback period criteria. Customers looking at custom projects must contact Rocky Mountain Power before equipment is purchased to confirm that it qualifies for the custom incentive.

Beyond typical and custom incentives for energy-saving projects, Rocky Mountain Power non-residential customers can also benefit from guidance on day-to-day energy management of their systems. Customers can receive potential incentives of $0.02 per kilowatt-hour for verified savings of energy management measures. Visit the wattsmart® Services and Incentives for Utah Web page and select the Energy Management icon to learn more.

To participate in Rocky Mountain Power’s energy efficiency programs, visit the wattsmart® website and for contact info. As a reminder, contact the company early, before projects are initiated to confirm the project meets program criteria and eligibility.

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