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Drinking Water Board’s SRF Program: Funding Opportunities

The Drinking Water Board administers the State’s Revolving Fund which provides financial assistance to public drinking water systems for water project construction.  The Division of Drinking Water (the Division or DDW), acting as staff to the Drinking Water Board (the Board), provides oversight to the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) financial assistance program.  The DWSRF provides financial assistance to public water systems for planning, designing and constructing improvements to drinking water system infrastructure.  This section of the Guidance Document provides an overview of the DWSRF application process.

The application for financial assistance, for either planning or design and construction projects, is available from the Division’s Website. The Drinking Water Board meets at least six times per year, and a schedule of upcoming meetings, along with application deadlines, is also available at this website.

The completed application must be submitted to DDW prior to the deadline for the specific meeting you wish to attend, as listed in the schedule.  A complete application is a critical part of an accurate evaluation.  Please be sure to fill in each section of the application with as much information as possible.  Division staff are available to answer any questions about the application, the application process, or the DWSRF program in general.

Division staff will review the application and evaluate the project to determine its feasibility.  A major part of the evaluation focuses on affordability and staff uses financial information provided by the applicant to determine an appropriate financial assistance proposal to present to the Board.  Under specific circumstances, an applicant may qualify as a “disadvantaged community” and may, therefore, be considered for subsidies under the DWSRF program.  These subsidies can take the form of a lower interest rate and/or grant/principal forgiveness, either of which will lower the overall cost of borrowing money to complete the project.

Once financial assistance has been authorized by the Board, staff works with the applicant to meet the requirements to close the loan and make the money available for construction.  The loan closing process is extensive and can take several months to complete. This timeline must be taken into consideration when a water system is planning a project.

A more detailed overview of the State’s Financial Assistance Programs is available online.

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