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Engineering and Design Efficiency Goals: Energy Saving Investigation Process

What do the icons below mean?

  • Orange IconBlue IconEnsure that all new water storage and pumping facilities are designed and sized with off-peak pumping demands in mind.
  • Orange IconBlue IconStudy potential ASR programs (Aquifer Storage and Recovery), including possibly other similar groundwater programs to reduce the peak pumping and treatment load on the company facilities in the summer months.
  • Orange IconBlue IconStudy other possible major surface water storage projects to reduce the peak capacity of secondary systems if applicable.
  • Orange IconBlue IconStudy where hydro-electric energy recovery may be implemented at large pressure reduction locations or other storage locations. Situate key PRVs near power infrastructure if possible. Also, locate PRVs in plants or pumping stations if they are adjacent to the same.
  • Orange IconBlue IconInvestigate the possibility of incorporating wind and/or solar energy systems to facilitate net metering opportunities near plants or other facilities.
  • Orange IconBlue IconWith mature GIS data, computer model the distribution systems to find areas or facilities that may be inefficient of undersized, decreasing possible water losses and pumping demands.
  • Orange IconBlue IconProvide workable and dynamic water models to staff and train in the proper use thereof, i.e., EPANET systems.
  • Orange IconBlue IconStudy water sources and pumping facilities to find the actual energy and power costs per ac-ft or mg. The company can then develop a strategy to pump water from more efficient pumping systems and also shut down or mothball facilities that are inefficient or redundant.
  • Orange IconBlue IconMake the SCADA system smarter. Monitor areas for real-time water losses and pressure changes.
  • Orange IconBlue IconModel the system to test for efficiencies in pumping, distribution, and storage systems.
  • Orange IconBlue IconAutomate meter reading and billing systems, upgrade meters if needed.
  • Orange IconBlue IconChoose the correct power rates for each service and design the facility for such.
  • Orange IconBlue IconEnlarge water storage systems if possible (require more of new developers).
  • Orange IconBlue IconPump OFF-PEAK as much as practicable.
  • Orange IconBlue IconImprove the water distribution system where needed.
  • Orange IconBlue IconDesign pumping plants with more and smaller selectable pumps and motors, or with larger motors on VFDs.
  • Orange IconBlue IconConsider a Seasonal 2 Stage pumping system with smaller pumps in the winter and larger pumps in the summer.
  • Orange IconBlue IconUse a VFD rather than a restricting valve, or change out the pumps.
  • Orange IconBlue IconIncrease sizes of transmission lines or loop distribution lines if pumping head is too high on a pumping plant.
  • Orange IconBlue IconCorrect power factor on accounts that are penalized.
  • Orange IconBlue IconInvestigate the Industrial Rate 9 feasibility on large projects.
  • Orange IconBlue IconImplement a regular water and energy audit program.

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