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Resource Needs Codes: Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

The following energy conservation inventory is divided into sections or groups of processes which possess similar efficiency characteristics. Each inventory item is further classified with a road sign indicating the potential degree of difficulty or involvement needed to assess and remedy. The items are classified into three energy auditing tiers alongside a corresponding project, or group of projects, indicating the possible resources needed to accomplish the tasks. The Tier indicator applies to all projects adjacent and below it, up to the next indicator presented. Be advised that the tier level may change depending on the proficiency of the water system. Some systems may be able to accomplish more tasks internally, and others may need more assistance than indicated. Each Auditing Tier is detailed below:


The square green sign signifies that the local water system personnel can most likely accomplish the evaluation or task. If not the system should look to the Rural Water Association for training and/or assistance (see Tier 2).


The square brown sign signifies that a professional organization such as the Rural Water Association of Utah (RWAU) can assist water system personnel with this extended effort. If they feel they cannot assist, they will recommend that the utility proceed to the next tier (see Tier 3).


The square blue sign signifies that the level of involvement will most likely involve a paid consulting engineer or other similar professional who can more readily assist with the audit and evaluation. These evaluations typically involve much more complex levels of study and are also likely to need financial assistance to complete. (See Funding Opportunities for more information.)

Additional signs if a special effort is indicated:

The orange Road Construction Ahead sign is attached to one of the above signs and signifies that the project will likely require some equipment replacement and/or newly constructed facilities.

The addition of the yellow High Water Sign signifies that this project may be much more complex or more difficult than others, and may require more study and other resources. The rewards may be greater though.

The Dollar Sign insertion indicates the project could be more costly than others—but, with the cost high, the savings may also be high.

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