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Plant or Treatment Facility Efficiencies: Energy Saving Investigation Process

What do the icons below mean?

  • Blue IconUpgrade key chlorinating disinfection units to more efficient systems, utilizing less energy either in production and/or transportation and handling of product.
  • Blue Icon Investigate chlorine generation systems. We live in a State with accessible and cheap salt deliveries, making the electrolytic generation of chlorine much more efficient.
  • Blue Icon Implement more natural and energy efficient systems to reduce algae growth in raw water systems, which could reduce the costs and amount of chemicals used for treatment.
  • Green Icon Improve treatment plant process control and efficiency through proper utilization and dosing of chemicals to reduce chemical waste, etc.
  • Green IconImprove chemical storage to increase bulk purchase discounts and reduce delivery frequency thus saving energy and costs.
  • Green IconMonitor electrical facilities for inefficient heat dissipation or cooling, through increased building insulation, etc.
  • Green IconUse more efficient lighting in plants (i.e., T5 Florescent or LED).

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