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2020 Nonpoint Source Grant Award Recipients Announced

The Division of Water Quality would like to thank all those that applied for nonpoint source pollution grants this year. Due to the quantity and quality of the proposals that we received this year, it was very difficult to determine which projects should be funded in FY-2020. Please remember that the targeted basin for 2020 was the Jordan River/Utah Lake/ Provo River Basin, therefore the majority of the funding was allocated to projects located within that basin.

This spreadsheet (444 KB) shows which projects were selected for funding for the 2020 fiscal year. If your project was selected for funding, a representative from the Division of Water Quality will be in contact with you within the next month to walk you through the contracting process.

If your application was not selected for funding, and you would like to discuss the grant selection process, or discuss why your project was not selected to be funded, please feel free to contact Jim Bowcutt (jdbowcutt@utah.gov) (801) 536-4336 and we will try to clear up any concerns that you may have.

We appreciate your interest in the State Nonpoint Source Pollution Program.

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