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Help Us Identify Watershed Improvement Project Needs

Every four years, the EPA requires the Utah Division of Water Quality to develop a comprehensive list of the Clean Water Needs within the state. This is the first year that the agency has been asked to take a comprehensive approach to identify watershed improvement needs statewide. The nonpoint source program has developed an online survey, and we are requesting the help of watershed stakeholders in identifying the activities needed to address the most pressing nonpoint source clean water needs throughout Utah.

Please note that this survey is not an application for project funding. This survey is used exclusively for identifying project needs in the state.

This survey takes about 10 minutes

What to expect in the survey

The survey is intended to be relatively rapid, and is composed of 14 questions. Complete the survey for each project or activity need that you have identified. For example, if you are developing a rangeland project that includes both a rotational grazing system and rangeland water system, then complete the form for the fencing, and complete it again for a water system to address all of the potential activities.

The information we are collecting in the survey includes:

  • Geographic location (representative point on the map)
  • Water quality concern (multi-select)
  • Source of the concern (dropdown list)
  • Proposed activity or BMP to address the concern (dropdown list)
  • Brief description of the needed activity or BMP (250 characters)
  • Quantification of activity (Number, e.g. the number of stream miles)
  • Units used to quantify the activity or BMP (e.g. stream miles, or acres, etc)
  • Estimated project cost ($)
  • Level of confidence in cost estimate
  • Probability that the project will be completed within a four-year horizon
  • Participant contact information and role in the watershed
  • Documentation type
  • Documentation upload (if applicable)

Requested Documentation

The EPA requests as much information as is practical to identify that the need is legitimate and the proposed activity has a likelihood of completion. The documentation requirements can be met by uploading the following documents for support. If in doubt, select the “small community form” which is this survey.

  • Government Loan/Grant Applications identifying the project
  • Non-Government Grant Applications
  • Cost of previous comparable construction
  • TMDL
  • Integrated Stormwater and Wastewater Plan
  • Final Engineer’s Estimate
  • Watershed-based plan
  • 319 Project Implementation Plan
  • Small Community Form (This present survey – if you are an individual, represent an NGO, or do not yet have documentation, you can select this option)

Please contact Paul Burnett (pcburnett@utah.gov) with questions.

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