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Current Permits

System Name Permit & Supporting Documents
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc UT0024210 (1 MB)
AirGas – Nitrous Oxide Corporation UTP000055 (1 MB)
Alton Coal Development, L.L.C.—Coal Hollow Project UT0025992 (2 MB)
Anderson Geneva Development UT0000361
Ashley Valley Operating Company UT0000035
Ashley Valley Water Reclamation Facility UT0025348 (4 MB)
ATI Titanium L.L.C. UT0025755 (390 KB)
ATK Launch Systems UT0024805
AutoLiv ASP, Inc UT0024911 (3 MB)
Bear River, Town of UT0020311
Blue Sky Ranch UT0025763
Bluffdale Cooling UT0025968
BLX Mayflower, LLC UT0026140 (930 KB)
Brigham City Wastewater Treatment Plant UT0022365 (2 MB)
Bronco Utah Operations, Emery Underground Mine UT0022616
Canyon Fuels L.L.C.—Dugout Canyon Mine UT0025593 (531 KB)
Canyon Fuels L.L.C.—Skyline Mine UT0023540 (667 KB)
Canyon Fuels L.L.C.—Soldier Canyon Mine UT0023680 (1 MB)
Canyon Fuels L.L.C.—SUFCO Mine UT0022918
Capitol Reef National Park UT0025798
Cargill Salt UT0000639 (342 KB)
Casper Ice Cream UT0025526 (1 MB)
Castle Valley SSD – Castle Dale UT0023663 (384 KB)
Castle Valley SSD—Huntington UT0021296 (2 MB)
Cedar City Wastewater Reclamation Facility UT0024970
Centerfield Regional Culinary WTP UT0025704
Central Davis Sewer UT0020974 (2 MB)
Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility UT0024392
Central Weber Sewer Improvement District UT0021911 (2 MB)
Chamberlain Investments UT0025739
Chevron Products Company UT0000175
Coalville City Corporation UT0025976
Compass Minerals Ogden Inc. UT0000647 (118 MB)
Corinne City UT0020931 (3 MB)
Courthouse Wash Water UT0025828
Duchesne City Corp. UT0020095 (9 MB)
Duchesne Valley Water Treatment Plant UT0025801 (2 MB)
Emery County Coal Resources – Lila Canyon Mine UT0026018 (474 KB)
Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc. – Rim Mine UT0023922 (1 MB)
Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc. – Queen Mine UT0025712
Ensign Bickford UT0025283
Ephraim City UT0025984 (23 MB)
Eureka City Corporation UT0024601
Fairview City UT0025542
Ferron City UT0020052 (2 MB)
Flaming Gorge UT0020338
Flowserve, Inc.—Valtek UT0024422 (532 KB)
Fossil Rock Resources, LLC – Fossil Rock Mine UT0023728 UT0023728 (27 MB)
Fresenius Medical Care UT0023752 (537 MB)
Garland City WWTP UT0026034 (5.6 MB)
Grantsville City UT0021130
Green River WWTP UT0025771 (2 MB)
Gunlock Water Treatment Facility UT0026123 (3 MB)
Henefer City UT0020192
Hexcel Corporation—SLC Operations UT0025305
Hiawatha Coal Company UT0023094 (546 KB)
Holliday Water Company UT0025429
Hyrum City Corporation UT0023205
Intermountain Concrete UT0024015
Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility UT0025852 (2 MB)
Jordan Valley Southwest Groundwater Treatment Plant UT0025836 (3 MB)
Jordanelle SSD Water Treatment Facility UT0022403
Jordanelle Special Service District Water Reclamation Facility UT0025747 (39 MB)
Kamas City Wastewater UT0020966
Kennecott Utah Copper, L.L.C. UT0000051 (8.5 MB)
Lakepoint Improvement District UT0020231 (2.5 MB)
Lewiston City UT0020214
Little Mountain Service Area UT0025569
Logan City Corporation UT0021920 (2 MB)
Magna Water and Sewer District UT0021440
Manti City UT0026026 (879 KB)
Mayflower UT0026140 (4 MB)
Moab City UT0020419 ( MB)
McWane Ductile (Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe) UT0000612 (3 MB)
Mona UT0025950
Monticello City UT0024503 (2 MB)
Morgan City UT0020893 (2MB)
Morton Salt UT0000523 (246 KB)
Mountain Green SID UT0024732 (420 KB)
North Davis Sewer District UT0021741 (6 MB)
Neola Town Water and Sewer District UT0023001
Nephi Rubber Products UT0025097
Nucor Steel UT0023850
Oakley City UT0020061
Oldcastle Infrastructure UT0025577 (9 MB)
Orem City UT0020915 (5 MB)
PacifiCorp—Deer Creek Mine UT0023604 (76 KB)
PacifiCorp—Gatsby UT0000116 (39 MB)
PacifiCorp—Lakeside Power UT0025623 (496 KB)
PacifiCorp Energy West Cottonwood—Wilberg Mine UT0022896
Parowan City UT0026158 (627 KB)
Park City – Judge Tunnel UT0025925 (500 KB)
Park City—Spiro Mine Tunnel UT0025461 (474 KB)
Payson City Corporation UT0020427 (2 MB)
Payson Power Project UT0025518
Perry / Willard Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant UT0025721
Pitman Family Farms, Inc UT0020222
Pitman – Turkey Processing Plant UTP000059 (351 KB)
Plain City Corporation UT0021326 (384 KB)
Price River Water Improvement District UT0021814 (2 MB)
Provo City Corporation UT0021717 (7 MB)
Red Cliffs Lodge UT0026166 (7 MB)
Richmond City Corporation UT0020907 (1 MB)
Salem City Water Reclamation Facility UT0026085 (1 MB)
Salt Lake City International Airport UT0024988 (2 MB)
Salt Lake City Water Reclamation Facility UT0021725 (181 KB)
Santaquin Water Reclamation Facility UT0026000
Saratoga Springs UT0025321 (340 KB)
SKF Salt Lake City UTP000057 (343 KB)
Snyderville Basin SID – East Canyon UT0020001 (42 MB)
Snyderville Basin SID – Silver Creek UT0024414 (4.4 MB)
South Davis SID—North Plant UT0021636 (1 MB)
South Davis SID—South Plant UT0021628 (1 MB)
South Valley Water Reclamation Facility UT0024384 (24 MB)
Spanish Fork City Corporation UT0020109 (5 MB)
Springdale UT0025224
Springville City Corporation UT0020834
St. George City Corporation UT0024686 (2 MB)
Stansbury Park Improvement District UT0025241
Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates UT0024759
Swift Beef UT0000281
Synergy Company of Utah UTP000056 (345 KB)
Tarter Gate West UTP000053 (1 MB)
Timpanogos Special Service District UT0023639 (626 KB)
TNT Waste Services UTL026182 (1 MB)
Tooele City Corporation UT0025445
Tremonton City Corporation UT0020303
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. UTP000060 (992 KB)
Velvet Mine UT0025810
Weir Minerals – Rubber Engineering UT0024767 (5 MB)
Wellsville City Corporation UT0020371
Utah Land Resources – Crandall Canyon UT0024368 (435 KB)
Utah Land Resources – West Ridge Mine UT0025640

General Permits
Coal Mining: UTG040000

  • General Permit for Coal Mining Operations: UTG040000 (17 MB)

Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations: UTG130000

  • General Permit –  Concentrated Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations: UTG130000 (403 KB)
  • General Permit – Concentrated Aquatic Animal Feeding Operations (CAAPF): Fact Sheet Statement of Basis (405 KB)

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s): UTR090000