Water Quality Electronic Submissions

Please use the following submission box to upload documents directly into DWQ’s electronic document system. An OCR (optical character recognition) PDF format is preferred, however, other formats are acceptable. Submissions will be routed to the appropriate section, program, or staff member within the Division as addressed or determined by type of submission.

Only one file at a time may be submitted. Multiple independent submissions may be made, i.e., cover letter, report, appendices, etc. However, combining all documents into a single file is preferable.

Documents submitted from this portal may be considered public record and thus subject to Utah GRAMA requirements.

For each document submitted a number will be returned to you in the form of DWQ-2016-xxxxxx. This is your receipt and confirmation of submission. Please retain this number for your records.

Web Submission for the Utah Division of Water Quality ONLY.  For submissions to other DEQ Divisions, please visit their website for information about how to submit electronic documents to other Divisions.

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