Wetland Monitoring and Assessment: Wetlands Program

Assessment Tools for GSL Wetlands

Map by U.S. Geological Survey

Developing methods for assessing the state of Utah’s wetlands has focused on those of Great Salt Lake, which account for approximately 75% of Utah’s total wetland area. To date, probabilistic surveys of two classes of GSL wetlands – impounded and fringe complex wetlands – have been conducted.

Willard Spur

Willard Spur, located in the Bear River Bay of GSL between Willard Bay and Bear Rivery Migratory Bird Refuge, has been the subject of extension investigations between 2011 and 2013.  The results of those investigations are summarized in the report below:

More details on the process and outcomes can be found on the Willard Spur webpage.

Sampling and Analysis Plans

Standard Operating Procedures

Previous Work on Wetland Assessment

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