2019 Backflow & CCC Program

The Division has proposed rule changes to the Backflow Certification and Cross Connection Control programs that would take effect January 1, 2019.

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You can send in your comments through October 31, 2018, at 5 PM.

Send your comments via email to grager@utah.gov.

Utah Bulletin

Proposed Changes to Cross Connection Control (R309-105-12)

SUMMARY OF THE CHANGE: In Subsection R309-105-12(1), removes section and version in the reference to the International Plumbing Code. In Subsection R309-105-12(2)(c)(i), adds specific requirement for all community water systems to have a certified Cross Connection Control Administrator on staff or access to one (can be a contractual agreement). In Subsection R309-105- 12(2)(c)(ii), adds a requirement that all other classifications of water systems may be required to have certified Cross Connection Control Program Administrator subject to Director’s discretion. In Subsection R309-105-12(4), changes the term “certification” to “approval”. In Subsection R309- 105-12(5), changes the term “device” to “assembly”.

Proposed Changes to Certification Rules for Backflow Technicians (R309-305)

SUMMARY OF THE CHANGE: This filing changes the title of this rule and rearranges the entire rule. It changes the names of the different certifications from “Class 1” and “Class 2” to “Cross Connection Control Program Administrator” and “Backflow Assembly Tester”, eliminates the terms “technician” and “Class 3” certification, eliminates the current Sections R309-305-6, R309-305-7, R309-305-8, and R309-305-11 and puts the information into the new Sections R309-305-7, R309-305-8, and R309-305-9. Restructures the Cross Connection Control Commission section (R309-305-4) and eliminates reference to agencies that may nominate members to the commission. Also defines roles and responsibilities of the Director, commission members, and commission secretary in regards to Cross Connection Control Commission functions. In the new Section R309-305-7, makes changes and rewrites the training course, examination, and application requirements to attain Cross Connection Control Program Administrator certificates and renewals. In the new Section R309-305-8, makes changes and rewrites the training course requirements, examination issuance, and application requirements to attain Backflow Assembly Tester certificates and renewals. The new Section R309-305-9 requires that a proctor for a Backflow Tester certification hold a proctor certificate from accredited agency accepted by the Cross Connection Control Commission. The new Section R309- 305-11, removes an obsolete reference to the state code, rewrites and defines fee responsibilities of the applicant.


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