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Acronyms and Definitions: Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

A/C: Air Conditioning

AC: Alternating Current

ac-ft: Acre Feet; a volume of water covering an acre a foot deep (43,560 cubic feet).

air-vac: Air Vacuum Valves

ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery

AWWA: American Water Works Association

C: The discharge coefficient used in the Hazen Williams equation of flow (the higher the C value the higher the flow through a pipe).

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas

DC/AC: Direct Current / Alternating Current

DEQ: Department of Environmental Quality

ERC: Equivalent Residential Connection

ET: Evapotranspiration

gal: Gallons

GIS: Geographic Information System

gpm: Gallons Per Minute

GPS: Global Positioning Systems

HGL: Hydraulic Grade Line

HO: Harmonic Oscillator

HVAC: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Hz: Hertz; a measure of the cycles per second; used with electrical equipment.

IP: Internet Protocol

IR: Infrared

KG: 1,000 gallons

kw: Kilowatts; the primary unit of power.

kwh: Kilowatt Hours; the primary unit of energy usage.

KVAR: 1,000 VAR’s. See VAR.

KVARHr: The portion of energy usage attributed to reactive energy.

LED: Light-emitting Diode

LF: Load Factor; the measure of a time a facility runs during a billing cycle.

MG: Million gallons

mgd: Million Gallons per Day

mw: Megawatts

O & M: Operation and Maintenance

PCV: Pressure Control Valve

PE: Plain End; Professional Engineer

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PRV: Pressure Reducing Valve

RMP: Rocky Mountain Power

RTD: Resistance Temperature Detector; temperature sensor.

RVSS: Reduced Voltage Soft Starter

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; water system operation automation.

SMART Energy Grid: A method by which energy suppliers can monitor and control energy loads, such as reducing AC loads during the peak periods of the day.

THD: Total Harmonic Distortion

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Source

VAR: Volt-Ampere Reactive; a unit of reactive power in an electrical system. Reactive power exists in an AC circuit when the current and voltage are not in phase.

VFD: Variable Frequency Drive

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