Drinking Water Plan Review Program

Plan Review Contacts & Overview

  • Construction Assistance Section
  • Engineering Section
  • Recent Plan Submittals
  • Plan Review Contact
  • Plan Review Assignments Summary (Sorted by County)

Design and Construction Rules R309-500 through 550

Rules R309-500 through 550 govern the design construction, operation, maintenance, and plan review procedure requirements. A Public Water System that finds it physically or economically impractical to comply with a particular construction, design, or operation requirement in Utah Administrative Code Rules R309-500 through R309-550 may request that the Director grant an exception to the requirement. See Requesting an Exception to UAC Rules R309-500 through R309-550 for details.

Hydraulic Modeling Rule

  • Summary and Clarification
  • Tools

Plan Review Process

Plan Review Tools, Checklists, and Policies

  • Checklists
  • Policies
  • Calculators

Approved Standard Installation Drawings and Specifications

  • Use of approved standards for water line installation
  • How to apply for approved standards

Water Hauling Approval

  • DDW Guidance for Hauling Drinking Water
  • DDW Water Hauling Checklist

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