Legislative Revisions to Utah Code 19-4 in 2018 – New Water Use Data Collection and Reporting Requirements and Setting System-Specific Sizing Requirements

Revisions to the Utah Safe Drinking Water Act, Utah Code 19-4, enacted by the 2018 Legislature became effective on July 21, 2018. The revisions impose new requirements on public water systems to collect and report water use data to the state of Utah and specify the type of data that are required to be reported. The revisions also require the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) to use the water use data to establish system-specific source and storage minimum sizing requirements. The system-specific requirements will replace current statewide standards in phases. DDW is working on revising the current minimum sizing rule (R309-510) to implement the new requirements accordingly.

Information about new requirements imposed by the revisions to Utah Code 19-4 can be found below:

The following report provides information about the collection of water use data needed to establish source sizing requirements and identifies metering equipment that may be capable of generating the required data:

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For questions about financial assistance that may be available for compliance with the new water use data collection and reporting requirements, please contact: