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Metrics: Drinking Water

The Division of Drinking Water regulates over 1,000 public drinking water systems in Utah. The Division’s mission is Safeguarding the quality and quantity of Utah’s drinking water through balanced regulation.

Public Water Systems are assigned one of the following ratings in accordance with the Rule R309-400, Water System Rating Criteria (Improvement Priority System):

  • Approved
  • Corrective Action (i.e., system deficiencies are in the process of being corrected)
  • Not Approved (i.e., significant deficiencies exist)

An approved water system indicates that the system is in compliance with drinking water regulations and that the residents have access to safe and reliable drinking water. To determine the rating of a water system, look them up at

The Division uses two measures to monitor the Division’s performance of safeguarding the quality and quantity of Utah’s drinking water through balanced regulation:

  • The percentage of population served by an approved Public Water System
  • The percentage of Public Water Systems maintaining Division approval

The two performance measures are presented below on a rolling 12-month basis.