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Water Conservation Day

WHEREAS, water is a basic and essential need of every living thing and is a finite natural resource of great value and importance to every citizen, business, and interest in Utah; and

WHEREAS, in order to assure a reliable supply of high quality drinking water now and for future generations; and

WHEREAS, water quality protection and water conservation are integral components of protecting and preserving our water resources; and

WHEREAS, measurable conservation is being achieved and must be sustained through responsible water use and the implementation of best management practices; and

WHEREAS, it has been demonstrated that the elimination of wasteful water-use practices can dramatically reduce water usage, while still maintaining the beauty and vitality of our communities and landscapes; and

WHEREAS, in order to achieve the state-wide water conservation goal and the water conservation goals every community in Utah, we call on all citizens, businesses, and interests to do all that is possible assure the integrity of our vital water resources for this generation and for the generations to follow.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that, I Jon Huntsman, Jr., Governor of the State of Utah does hereby declare June 2nd, 2006, as

Water Conservation Day

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