Municipal Wastewater Planning Program (MWPP)


The Municipal Wastewater Planning Program (MWPP) uses an annual survey to assist owners of municipal sewerage systems and wastewater treatment works in evaluating and summarizing the technical, operational, and financial conditions of and requirements for these facilities. The purpose of MWPP is to help communities understand these business operations better and to help identify and resolve potential problem areas before they become serious and costly.

At the end of each year, the Division of Water Quality distributes the MWPP survey to over 200 municipalities and districts. These utilities compile the necessary financial, operations, performance, and compliance information requested and report their completed surveys to their governing council or board and to the Division.

The Division uses the results from the MWPP in its permitting and assistance programs, including:

Who Must Participate?

Participation in the MWPP survey is mandatory for all:

  • Utilities that own or operate a sanitary sewerage system
  • Utilities that have received financial assistance (loans, grants, etc.) from the Water Quality Board or the Community Impact Board

All other systems are strongly encouraged to participate.

2021 MWPP Survey – Due by April 15, 2022

The 2021 Municipal Wastewater Planning Program (MWPP) Survey is distributed and completed online. A notification email will be/was sent to the Primary Contact for each facility with instructions about how to complete the 2021 MWPP Survey.

What has changed?

DWQ is supporting the EPA in doing the Clean Water Needs Survey (CWNS) this year (2022). It is required to be done every four years, but the last time the EPA did it was 2012. The EPA is getting on track now to do the CWNS again this year and every four years in the future.

Because of this DWQ is doing an abridged version of the Municipal Wastewater Planning Program (MWPP) Survey. The CWNS and the MWPP are somewhat similar so it doesn’t make sense to do both in one year, however part of the MWPP is dedicated to completing a report for the Utah Sewer Management Program (USMP). This needs to be done every year for every collection system. This year the MWPP survey includes only questions supporting the USMP (except for a few financial questions which were not easily removed.

What should I expect?

DWQ’s contact person on file for your utility and for the MWPP survey will be sent an email with a link to the MWPP Survey along with the necessary login information. If the person that receives the email is no longer the primary facility contact person, they can change it at the beginning of the survey. This will end the survey for them and DWQ will send a new survey to the right person.

  • The 2021 MWPP Survey has been distributed on the internet by email notification on February 22, 2022. A link to Frequently Asked Questions (471 KB) about completing the survey will be included.
    • If you are expecting a survey request but have not received it, please notify DWQ (
  • The due date for the survey is April 15, 2022.
  • If DWQ receives a bounced email, we will contact your facility to update the primary contact information.