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PacifiCorp Energy

2023 Public Notices

PacifiCorp: Cottonwood-Wilberg Mine

2022 Public Notices

PacifiCorp: Cutler Hydroelectric Project

2020 Public Notice

PacifiCorp, Currant Creek Power Plant

  • Public Notice (206 KB)
  • Draft Permit (379 KB)
  • Draft Statement of Basis (147 KB)
  • Close of Comments: October 12, 2020
  • Public Hearing: None
  • Contact (E-mail): Christopher L. Shope (cshope@utah.gov)
  • Type: Groundwater Permits


2019 Public Notice

PacifiCorp Interwest Mining Company – Deer Creek Mine


PacifiCorp Interwest Mining Company-Cottonwood/Wilberg Mine

2018 WMRC Public Notices

PacifiCorp Hunter Power Plant: Class IIIb Landfill

  • Public Notice  
  • Draft Permit 
  • Close of Comments: October 25, 2018 to November 23, 2018
  • Public Hearing: None
  • Contact (Email): Rob Powers (rdpowers@utah.gov)
  • Type: Class IIIb LandfillPacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant

PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant: Class IIIb Landfill

2018 WQ Public Notices

PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant, Public Notice of Modification of Ground Water Discharge Permit

2017 Public Notice

PacifiCorp – Carbon Plant, UT0000094

PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant

Statement of Basis, Permit and Comment Response References

  • Close of Comments: N/A
  • Public Hearing: None
  • Contact (Email): Mark Novak (mnovak@utah.gov)
  • Type: Groundwater Permits

PacifiCorp Deer Creek Mine, UT0023604

2016 Public Notice

PacifiCorp dba Rocky Mountain Power, Docket No. I-16-06-SCO

PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant, Permit UGW150002

PacifiCorp-Currant Creek Plant, Permit UGW230003

2015 Public Notice

PacifiCorp-Hunter Plant, Permit UGW150001

Lake Side Power Plant, UT0025623

2014 Public Notice

PacifiCorp-Carbon Plant, Permit UT0000094

2013 Public Notice

PacifiCorp-Gadsby Plant Draft Permit Renewal

PacifiCorp Huntington Power Plant Public Notice

2012 Public Notice

Lake Side Power Plant, PacifiCorp Energy—Draft Permit Modification

 2011 Public Notice

Pacificorp Huntington Power Plant—Draft Permit Renewal

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