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Science Panel Membership:
Utah Lake Water Quality Study

Related Expertise

Primary Discipline
Aquatic Ecology
Fisheries Management
Hydrodynamic Modeling/Hydrology
Nutrient Cycling
Water Quality Criteria
Water Quality Modeling
Wetland Science
Independent (Voting)
Michael Brett University of Washington Limnology
Mitch Hogsett Forsgren Associates Biogeochemistry
Ryan King Baylor University Aquatic ecology
James Martin Mississippi State University Water quality modeling
Hans Paerl University of North Carolina Limnology
Ex Officio (Non Voting)
Janice Brahney Utah State University Biogeochemistry
Soren Brothers Utah State University Limnology
Greg Carling Brigham Young University Biogeochemistry
Michael Mills June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program Fisheries Management
Theron Miller Wasatch Front Water Quality Council Biogeochemistry