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Standards and Technical Services Subworkgroups

The Water Quality Standards Workgroup is seeking participants for subworkgroups to assist in drafting changes to Standards of Quality for Waters of the State. Any interested persons can participate. Current topics include: Narrative Standard and biological criteria, 401 Certifications, Antidegradation, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Standards. For more information contact Chris Bittner (cbittner@utah.gov).

The outline below identifies the sub-workgroups that are currently working on revisions to the Utah’s Water Quality Standards. The sub-workgroups are small groups who work on the topics and draft language that is presented to the Water Quality Standards Workgroup for consideration. The sub-workgroups include members of the Water Quality Standards Workgroups and any other interested participants. People interested in participating in a sub-workgroup should contact the DWQ lead directly.

Biological Standard

Biological standards development; Biological assessments; Aquatic Life Use refinement

401 Certification

401 Certification rules and guidance; Antidegradation


Changing protection Category; Temporary and limited; General permits; 401 Certifications


Chloride Standard; Site-specific TDS; Alternatives to TDS (e.g., SAR)

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