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Criteria for Wastewater Operator Training Courses

All CEUs for certificate renewal are subject to review for approval to ensure that the training is applicable to wastewater works operation. The council shall review training documentation and recommend appropriate CEU or credit assignment. The following information should be submitted to the council for evaluation of the training:

  1. Course name, subjects to be covered, and sponsors.
  2. Location of training.
  3. Outline or agenda of the training course.
  4. Time involvement for each subject covered.
  5. List the instructors and qualifications to teach the course.
  6. List the objectives—documenting the essential points of instruction and methods used to illustrate these principles.

Submit all above information together with the list of attendees and CEUs will be allocated at the discretion of the Certification Council

Note: The minimum credit that will be entered into the certification database is 0.1 CEUs. Credit will be given for actual training time over that minimum for each training event (which may consist of multiple topics.) Generally, 1 hour of specialized training = 0.1 CEU (policy revised 2/1/2011).

Additional training suggestions and resources may be found on the Exam Preparation page.

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