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Storage System Efficiencies: Energy Saving Investigation Process

What do the icons below mean?

  • Green IconKnow all tank dimensions, including elevations of floor and overflow.
  • Green Icon Verify tank capacities and the capacity per foot.
  • Green IconKnow the equalization, fire, and emergency levels and capacities.
  • Green IconKnow your tank rate of changes +/- at all times with the SCADA system.
  • Green Icon With this information, make informed decisions, instead of relying on the classic “saw tooth” pattern of operation.
  • Green Icon With our unique ability to store water in tanks, we should think more of a tank as an energy storage battery, and use equalization storage in place of running pumps.
  • Green IconStoring water is very similar to storing energy, which in turn allows us:
    • The ability to run high energy and power motors and other equipment at controlled rates, and during controlled periods of time.
    • This is unique in the world of commercial and industrial power users.
  • Green IconSize all new tanks for:
    • Required ERC demands as per State DEQ standards.
    • Fire and emergency storage.
    • Energy storage volumes (for Off-Peak Pumping) if possible.
  • Brown Icon Inspect and clean all reservoirs regularly, check for leaks and security issues.
  • Brown IconHave a reservoir back-up plan in case a reservoir needs to be taken down, with PRVs, pressure regulated pumps, or VFDs, etc.
  • Yellow IconOrange IconBlue IconDollar IconInstall backup floats in reservoirs in case of transducer failures.
  • Yellow IconOrange IconBlue IconDollar IconInvestigate possible ASR (Aquifer Storage and Recovery) projects to reduce the seasonal peaks, and better optimize the usage of water sources or treatment facilities.

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