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2010 – 2016 E. coli Advisories

  • Utah Lake – Lindon Marina 2016
  • Clinton Pond, 2015
    An E. coli advisory was issued by Davis County Health Department for Clinton City Pond on May 22, 2015 following 2 consecutive samples over the maximum E. coli criteria for waters with a 2B beneficial use. Signs were posted at the site and remained in place until 5 consecutive samples yielded results below the numeric criteria. The advisory was removed on November 24, 2015.
  • Maybey Pond, 2015
    Davis County Health Department issued an E. coli advisory for Maybey Pond between October 1, 2015 and November 2, 2015 due to high levels of E. coli.
  • Salem Lake, 2010 
    In 2010, several sets of E. coli samples collected at Salem Lake exceeded the maximum water quality criteria for 2A waters. An advisory was issued by the Utah County Health Department and remained in place until 5 consecutive samples were found to be below the water maximum quality criteria for Salem Lake.

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